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peace? or justa rant for peace...

so this doesn't have to do with peace..too much but.... 2 days ago was the holocaust remembrance day (yom hashoah). im jewish and i took it hard i got somewhat depressed i kinda do every year but this year marked the 1st year my grandpa waasnt able to celebrate his liberation. my grandpa was and i our hearts is a holocaust survivor of Auschwitz the deadliest concentration camp in germany. my g-pa died on september 4th of this year and it was very hard on us. the number of holocaust survivors are rapidly decreasing,though there is nothing you can do about it ..., adn to think that soon there will be no mere survivors and just their memories will be with us i have to thinhk of what my grandpa said to me many times.. he would often tell me the things he saw(and had he known the futre) would have told him that the war against the jews was coming he went over things like having to wear the badges, being put BACK into ghettos(like in russia before ww1) the pogroms (which are attacks on jewish neighborhoods and usually kill and burn everything)in russia starting in germany and poland(wear he lived) he told me how if he was maybe older he could have told his father to go on the first boat to america when they had the chance. but he wasnt old enough but as i think about what he has told me and think about the things i read i have to think what can we look for when a war is abuot to go very VERY bad.... things that hitler did can never be repeated EVER. wether it be because todays society wouldnt allow it or that people can reconise it it still must never happen agiain, and when i look at what is happening in iraq i have to think what if another holocaust happens on the iraqis it really is happening maybe they arent going into concentration camps but dont you think if bush got the chance he would do tha..i do? TWELVE MILLION people perished in the holocaust 6 million jews 1.5 million homosexuals 2 million gypsys and the exact number of the other minorities are unknown, but you can only imagine people that are "different".i dont know im done ranting but just think about what started the holocaust adn now what is happening in iraq it is just horible ok thanx for reading it felt good to vent....
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