ali <3 (krasziie4britts) wrote in no1dies4_peace,
ali <3

no-war application

1.)  the paper says "war suckz". I think it does.

2.) "STOP WAR AND SAVE LIVES" i know you guys said one but just incase ya'll don't like it heres another one =]  "WAR IS LIKE MURDER/DRUGS/ECT. , IT KILLS"

3.) Well, i support anti-war because it is wrong. Just like the old saying goes, violence is not the answer, at least not when you are "civilized" adults managing a country with billions of people in it. The saftey of our country is in the presidents hands, and if he dicides to go to war, we all go to war, its like suicide. We are putting oursleves in danger, innocent people in danger. That really should not be permitted. (Im not the best speller, so im not sure if i spelled a few words up there wrong. =/ )
4.) star_on_her_eye promoted this community to me and i loved the idea. </span>

5.) i promoted here::


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