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ok so.. i was was thinking, this IS a anti=war community, so I guess i can post my opinions. Now i might be wrong, but that's why it's an opinion. I hope i don't offend any Bush likers but, im personnaly not a fan.So heres the thing. Last night i stayed up becuase i couldn't sleep and i remembered this community. So, i think war is pointless, i mean, woo! you kill people! yeah.. then what? ok more killing? no. so i was thinking, if Bush keeps having wars, why doesnt HE go to IRAQ (im really not to sure how to spell it =/ ) spend about a month or two away from his family, try his hardest to survive, and see how much he likes it. We never really notice how bad we really have it because, well, we aren't the ones there. So much for "support your troops" people say but just do it becuase they think it's right and have no idea the pain the soldiers and their families must be going through. I was never really to involved or anything untill i got accepted into this community ( =D )and REALLY thought about it more than ever. So my only really point here is, i think Bush should stop feeling bad for the troops and go kick ass himself and suffer pain, and then see how much longer war REALLY has to last.

Hope i havn't offended anyone. But here's the drawing i did in paint. i was just a lil bored =)

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