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Peace is the only way to go.

1.) give us a picture of you supporting peace/anti-war- be creative! it could be as simple as giving the peace sign with your hand, but COME ON! get creative!! want an example? my user picture for this community is a perfect example! YES!-your face MUST be in the picture! dont be shy!- show who you are!! the picture CAN be a link...but no webshots links, only photobucket links. thanks
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It says protect our planet and then it also has a peace sign by it. Theyre my jeans that my best friend drew on.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It has a person hugging a tree and it says "protect our planet", and I believe that by being peaceful and not having war, you also protect the planet.

2.) create you're own motto for peace- be creative. dont take any one elses, and it cant be a quote. like here is mine- "we die for war, but no one dies for peace". its a MOTTO, so make it short. even if its simple or dumb. Protect our planet, practice world peace.

3.) tell us WHY you support world peace and anti-war causes. once again- it doesnt need to be long. Well, Im pretty much a hippie, so I dont believe in harming anything. And I especially dont agree with war because I think there are definitly other ways to solve problems than war. And ESPECIALLY the war in Iraq, I dont support, because there is NO need for our brave soldiers to be there, risking their lives, for a war that isnt even justified.

4.) where did you find this community? ______gangsta promoted it in my journal.

5.) effective 3/31/05 you must promote us someplace and leave us the link.

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