ali <3 (krasziie4britts) wrote in no1dies4_peace,
ali <3

the 8 concert.

ok well, im pretty sure this has to do with peace. The concert for people in Africa, The eight or something, is to raise awarness for those starving and suffering in Africa. To be honest with you, i think its a bit pointless. Why? Well, most people goin are goin to be going for the music, it would be 458658912 better if every peron going would at least give 1 dollar, if 10,000 people go (wich there will probably be more) it would be 10,000 dollars! and that deffinatly would help! If i could go to the concert, yeah i would deffinitly go. No doubt about it, but i just think if people are goin to try to halp, and CAN help more, helping more would be better. Awarness is good but if you dont have the money to support whatever it is you have realized, you wouldn't be helping ALOT. Im not sure how long ago Micheal Jackson and alot fo other singer/bands did a proformance raising approximatly more than 100 million dollars!!!! If we could do that again, well why not, we would be helping hunderds of those suffering and dying.
Im not sure if any of you are against what i am saying but hey if you do tell me! Its better to find out what ya'll think weather you guys agree with me or not. I might find out something i dont know.
comments are ♥
<3 alii*
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